Yes it is ok now ! backup is samesize and phpldapadmin show all entry numbers.
I think the source of problem could be i started in root users...and not ldap + schema

just onething obscur ... : to sync the schema i copied the schema : rfc822-MailMember.schema
from my master server and i don't know if it is a good solution...

In what package this schema is ? may be it is better to install package of this schema ?

Alain wrote:
It seems to be ok now !!!!!
thks for your help !
I'm putting all schema on all server,
 i try too :
su ldap;service ldap start
before i started in root user...and i think now it is a very very bad thing !!!

All seems to be ok !

Alain wrote:
i stopped slapd, i run slapindex, i restart slapd
no change

i empty the database : stop slapd ; rm * dans /var/lib/ldap/mydomain/ ; start slapd
the synchronisation stop at the same point !

i'm trying to put all schema like the master ...but not sure it is the solution


Buchan Milne wrote:
On Monday 18 February 2008 11:48:02 wrote:
I look with phpldapadmin and i see :

Computers : nothing has been copied
Domains : nothing has been copied
Groups : 46 copied (50 on master)
systems: Ok
Users : 1 (50 on master)

I removed updatedn directive
I added :" index entryUUID,entryCSN eq" on both servers

You would have to create the indexes themselves as well by running slapindex.

I added: 'loglevel stats sync'

I don't understand why the system make the sync but not complete it ! it
is mad !

It's probably best to empty the database on the slave, and then see if it 
replicates the entire database or not. Only then will the extra logging be