Ok, but are there any casses where DB size can grow bigger then RAM and what will happen in that case?

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Quick question regarding "maxsize" in mdb, slapd-mdb man page says we
have to preallocate the db size based on future growth of your data, that
means will it create a data.mdb of maxsize? what i read from docs is, mdb
loads whole database into memory, is it right? if my db size is grater
then my RAM how does mdb handles? do we have any configuration options to
set RAM allocation for mdb as i may have other applications sharing the
same RAM? 

It uses RAM in accordance to the size of the database, not the maxsize. Generally, you set the maxsize value to something really large and forget about it.  I would note you already have a fairly large database.  However, MDB should use significantly *less* RAM than your old back-hdb database overall, because your old back-hdb DB had to use multiple caches in RAM as a part of the slapd process (cachesize, idlcachesize, dncachesize) in addition to the BDB cache (set_cachesize in DB_CONFIG).



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