I have the same behaviour on two different test machines. But those are deplyed from the same vm template.

Probably going with 2.5 (ie Long Time Support Release). We do not use any 2.6 features anyway.

I will also try to test with the Alma dist.

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Skickat: den 26 april 2022 21:16
Till: Magnus Morén <magnus.moren@hh.se>; openldap-technical@openldap.org <openldap-technical@openldap.org>
Ämne: Re: Sv: slapd (Symas 2.6.1) does not start with syncprov

--On Tuesday, April 26, 2022 8:12 PM +0000 Magnus Morén
<magnus.moren@hh.se> wrote:

> I have not tried with Alma Linux 8 yet (we are mainly a
> "Rocky/CentOS/RHEL site")

AlmaLinux is a long standing stable CentOS like alternative to RHEL that's
not still under development like Rocky Linux currently is.  I'd be curious
to know if that's the issue (or if you can reproduce it with Alma Linux).
Does it happen 100% of the time with Rocky Linux or only sometimes?