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I have been playing around with our openLDAP server and I am looking at clients to manage the server with.  I have tried phpldapadmin and Jxplorer.  I am looking for a client that will allow our non-technical staff to upload users to the server.  Is there a client that allows batch uploads of users via a csv file?  I don’t want them to have to create LDIF files if possible.   Another possibility would be to sync the LDAP server with our Mysql database, that way we could keep adding users as we do now and sync them nightly with the LDAP server.  Does anyone do this?

Also, we are still trying to decide about going with openLDAP or eDirectory.  We have heard that data can get corrupted after a certain number of users with openLDAP and I was wondering if anyone here has experienced this and what your thoughts are on pros and cons versus eDirectory’s LDAP server.

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