It have a slapd-meta configuration as follows:

database meta
suffix dc=com
uri ldap://server1:389/dc=suffix1,dc=com
uri ldap://server2:389/dc=suffix2,dc=com
uri ldap://server3:389/dc=suffix3,dc=com

I performed numerous tests using "base=com" and changing the order of the above list of uri (in slapd.cnof) and I see that as soon as a candidate directory is unreachable, all other directories located below the directory in failure are not requested by the proxy. For instance, in example below:
- if server2 is down, then server 3 is not requeted
- if server1 is down, then none of the directories is requested.

I have the felling this is a bug ... could you confirm ?

FYI, I also tried the "'onerrr continue" config, but did not change annything

Thanks in advance.