We're having some problems with replication and password changes. Let me explain... In our institution we are using Shibboleth to provide SSO to the users. The credentials are stored in OpenLDAP, but due to the high demand (100 auths/second) and the high volume (more than 700K users), we had to split it in three servers:
The two consumers are behind a load balancer and are used to perform the BINDs and the user lookup.

The problem that we are facing is that in some cirscunstances (maybe high load, high traffic?) the syncrepl lasts more than expected, and that causes the next situation:
  1. an user changes its password, the object changes its modifyTimestamp to T1
  2. before the syncrepl gets to replicate that change, the user tries to authenticate with the new password, the balancer assigns one of the consumers (say C1), tries to bind, but the password is not yet changed, so it fails recording one pwdFailureTime and updating its modifyTimestamp to T2
  3. when syncrepl tries to update the object in C1, T2 is older than T1 so it refuses to change the object ("dn_callback : new entry is older than ours cn=XXXXX,dc=acces,dc=uoc,dc=edu ours 20230313155537.264968Z#000000#00d#000000, new 20230313155506.235663Z#000000#00b#000000 ")

Resulting in one user with the password changed in the provider and in only one of the consumers.

Have you found the same problem? Maybe is there something wrong in our setup?

Thanks a lot.

Manolo García 
Arquitecte de Solucions
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 
689 88 30 93 mgarciaal@uoc.edu 

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 


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