Hello Quanah,

indeed there is no ITS for this issue so far.
I was not sure, if I should make an ITS, because this SYNTAX shouldn't be used any longer (see http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/200902/msg00067.html) , but as I stated before for downward campatibility I am also of the opinion that this is a bug.

And if you also think this is a bug (and it will be fixed), every other question is obsolete, since then there is no need for me to migrate the attributes.


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An:        Frank Offermanns <Frank.Offermanns@caseris.de>, openldap-technical@openldap.org
Datum:        04.05.2015 20:04
Betreff:        Re: Need migrationhelp for because of bug in slapcat
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--On Monday, May 04, 2015 3:08 PM +0200 Frank Offermanns
<Frank.Offermanns@caseris.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> in our custom schema we have used several attributes with the syntax:
> attributetype ( myAttributeType:106 NAME ( 'casFileContent' )
>         DESC 'Contains the file'
>         SYNTAX
>         SINGLE-VALUE )
> We defined this schema before this syntax was dropped.
> Everything worked for a long time. Now with OpenLDAP Version 2.4.39 and
> newer a slapcat does  no longer export this attributes as MimeContent,
> but as plain text. So the ldif can't be used for importing. So I started
> a research why and found that this syntax was dropped. But for downward
> compatibility shouldn't it still export this syntax as mime content,
> shouldt it?
> This would be important, since in inetorgperson.schema the 2 attributes
> userSMIMECertificate and userPKCS12 still use it.
> What syntax should I use for files stored in LDAP?
> And even more important, how can I change the syntax of a attribute. Is
> there a migration strategy to change the syntax of a attribute?

Hi Frank,

A couple of things:

a) I don't see any ITS filed for this issue.  Generally that means if this
is a real bug, nothing will/can be fixed, since it hasn't been reported as
a problem.

b) I still see that this syntax is part of inetorgperson.schema and in

static slap_syntax_defs_rec syntax_defs[] = {
       {"( DESC 'Binary' "
               X_NOT_H_R ")",
               SLAP_SYNTAX_BER, NULL, berValidate, NULL},

so it appears to me that it still exists as a valid syntax, using



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