2014-09-30 16:18 GMT+02:00 Peter Boguszewski <pboguszewski@library.wisc.edu>:

I would like to setup a Master / Consumer relationship that only does one way replication on demand. We have complex scripts that update one server (the master) and needs to be verified / approved before replicating to the consumer. I understand how to setup replication in general and have a multi-master setup for other services so I am not asking how to do initial setup. My first thought is to set the replication interval to 30 days and forcing a manual sync - but this is the part I am not sure how to do. Is there a command to force a manual sync before the normal replication interval? Thanks in advance and sorry if there is a simple answer I am missing.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Peter,

I already had to face this need. My solution was to use a RefreshOnly sync with a large period, and restart the OpenLDAP consumer when the sync is needed. I am not sure we can do this without OpenLDAP restart.