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Nicolas wrote:
 Hello there

I use a Debian 7.4 server with ldapsearch to search data about users on an
Active Directory database.

When a result of a search contains specials characters (such as é, è, à), no
result is given, but if I delete special characters to the user profile, it

How could I make it work with special caracters (guess it's a UTF-8 problem ?) ?

Thanks in advance

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No one could help me ?

Sounds like a question for Microsoft. The OpenLDAP ldapsearch command prints out whatever data it receives from the remote server. If the remote server isn't sending you what you expect, then get help from that server's support team.

Hello, (including others users reply)

I just found one thing (obviously, you know it, not me...):

- When a result containing specials caracters and when I use "-t" switch, my result is sent to a file under /tmp folder : the result is well-readable, with every accent everywhere they should be : it fits me.

- When a result containing specials caracters and when I don't use "-t" switch, the result is base64 encoded.

So, I have 2 solutions :
- Read the /tmp/*.file and export the content to my scripts variable, but I can't guess the name of this file : for example, there's the name of a company's user search : "ldapsearch-company-8K2vOo"
- Decode the result wich was base64 encoded, but I can't guess if the result will contain special caracter or not. And if i decode a string wich doesn't contain special caracters, it crashes, telling me it's not base64 content...

What must I do ?

Thanks a lot guys