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--On Monday, October 22, 2018 9:36 AM +0200 Florent LARTET
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 I switched back to BDB and it works fine again. I also downgraded to
Master-Slave to ensure the good working as suggested.
 But my initial question is still unanswered. Yes ? No ?
It means it found the entry while doing the presence phase.  However,
replication in general (MMR or not) is not safe with 2.4.31, nor is
back-mdb in that particular version.  I'd strongly advise upgrading to
a current supported release.

If you are unfamilliar with Debian packaging, or (more likely) do not
want to maintain a build of OpenLDAP, you might want to use

If you really want not to stray from official packages, you might find
satisfaction using the wheezy-backports version, but I think the LTB
project way is probably the best way to go
Very interesting project cher ami.
That's right as the LDAP was working well, I didn't look for this kind of project, except the backports but they are not that fresh.
Thanks for the tip.