Hi all,
I am trying to use openldap api's to connect to ldap from my code.
I tried to connect to ldap server 1,00,000 times(just intiliazing , binding and unbinding)
Intilaly Binding to the ldap server works fine, but after some time say after reaching more than 10,000 binds. bind continously fails with below error .
"Can't connect to the LDAP server - Cannot assign requested address".
  and error number is 91
below is my code snapshot.
int main()
    int ret,version,i;
    LDAP  *ld=0;
        const char *s=0;
        cout<<"count is "<<i++<<endl;
        ld=ldap_init(HOSTNAME,PORTNUMBER);   // HOSTNAME and PORTNUMBER are defined
        if(ld == NULL)
        cout<<" error in initiliaze "<<endl;
        return 2;
        if(ret != LDAP_SUCCESS)
        cout<<" error in bin "<<ret<<endl;
        cout<<ldap_err2string(ret)<<" is the error"<<endl;
            cout<<"bind success "<<endl;
    return 0;
i am clue less why this happened.
Is there any restriction or bug (already present) that only certain number of binds are possible in a given time.
Your help will be highly help full in my further proceedings.

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