First, my apologies for the adding you, Quanah, to the cc list.  Over the last few weeks, my emails have not been getting through to the openldap-technical group (haven’t seen anything getting posted).




Trying to set up Monitor.  I’ve created a Monitor directory in my ldap directory:





All owned by ldap.


My ldif looks like this:

dn: olcDatabase=Monitor,cn=config



olcAccess:dn.exact="cn=ldapadmin,dc=<my_group>,dc=ldap" write

olcAccess:by users read

olcAccess:by * none


Getting two different errors:

1)      Ldap_add: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80); additional info: <olcAccess> handlier exited with 1

2)      Then after restarting slapd, and seeing no changes in the /var/lib/openldap/Monitor directory and ldapsearch returns


# extended LDIF


# LDAPv3

# base <cn=Monitor> with scope subtree

# filter: (objectclass=*)

# requesting: ALL



# search result

search: 2

result: 10 Referral

ref: ldap://<ldap_server>.<my_group>.ldap/cn=Monitor??sub




# numResponses: 1

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