On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 4:26 AM, <masarati@aero.polimi.it> wrote:
> Could someone please exemplify a scenario where the -S option for
> slapadd is needed?

- load server 1 using slapadd with option -S (the SID of server 1) and -w

- slapcat server 1

- slapadd server 2 using the slapcat from server 1

this ensures you have consistent entryCSN and contextCSN

So can i say that in mirrormode, there is never a need to provide -S <sid> unless you are initializing the first server (sid 1) from a ldif without valid CSN's etc, eg. by providing the "-S 1 -w" options to slapadd ?

If this is true, then would i also be correct is saying that -S <sid> only sets a parameter to enable the -w option to set the SID correctly in CSN's etc? and that the value provided by -S has no effect if -w is not provided ?

I imagine therefore the same thing would apply when initializing a set of multimaster servers, where the <sid> provided by -S just happened to be the first one you are loading. The others 2-N nodes would be initialized from a slapcat of the first server you loaded (using the contextCSN's etc., slapadd "-S <sid> -w" created), still using slapadd but without needing to provide either the -S <sid> option or the -w option.

Just trying to clarify my understanding before contributing a paragraph of doc to explain this.