Sent: Wed May 23 2012 21:56:15 GMT-0400 (EDT)
From: Quanah Gibson-Mount <>
To: Patrick Hemmer <> "" <>
Subject: Re: slapd hangs upon performing modification of cn=config

On May 23, 2012, at 3:43 PM, Patrick Hemmer <> wrote:

I have a database which was working fine, but now whenever I go to perform any sort of modification on the database, the modification just hangs. No error, no timeout, just sits there. However while that first modification is hung, I can perform modifications of another database (other than cn=config) and they work just fine. I can even do further searches against cn=config while the modification is still hung.
Also when I run slapd in the foreground, and then send it a SIGINT, it says "slapd shutdown: waiting for X operations/tasks to finish" and never ends. I end up having to SIGKILL it.

The database is part of a MMR group of servers I was building, but I shut down all the other servers to troubleshoot the issue (it makes no difference whether the other servers are up or down, and they all exhibit the same problem).

Where should I start looking to figure out whats going on (the specific operation/task thats hanging)? I can run slapd in debug mode with '-1', but theres a ton of info, and I dont know whats relevant, or which debug mode I should use other than '-1'.



Always state the version of OpenLDAP you are running. I know for a fact this is a known bug in older releases of OpenLDAP 2.4 because I reported it.


Sorry, completely forgot to put that. This is 2.4.31