Hello all,

I'm trying to import an LDIF file where some users have values that appear to be encoded on the file. The values have two : (i.e. ::) and appear like this:

# entry-id: 36545
dn: uid=someuser,ou=funcionarios,ou=pessoal,o=xxx,c=xxx
l:: UkYgLSAyqiBFc3RhbmNpYQ==

This isn't consistent with other entries, as most of them are on this format:

# entry-id: 36546
dn: uid=otheruser,ou=funcionarios,ou=pessoal,o=xxx,c=xxx
l: DRA-01 NSI

Is there any reason why some entries would show up on a different format? I've seen some entries where other attributes are like that, such as sn, telephoneNumber, cn or title. 

Thank you

Diego Lima