Has anyone been able to get Translucent Proxy (slapo-translucent) working with Proxy Cache (slapo-pcache)?  I'm using v2.4.31, and the translucent is working great to mix in some attributes specific to that server.  Problem is we're converting the "upstream" LDAP to Back-SQL which ends up mighty slow in some use-cases.  It would be great to be able to cache the results from the translucent's back-LDAP call.
  I've tried placing the pcache overlay in various places, but either it the server doesn't start and yields a:
    no structural objectClass add function
error, which may/not be related; or the service starts fine, but doesn't appear to hit the cache at

Looks like someone tried a while ago, but I can't find any answer:

Perhaps the back-ldap implementation under slapo-translucent isn't fully-functional for some reason?