Ok thanks you all :)

A solution should be to create :

dn: autoumountMapName=auto_master,cn=autoumountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com
dn: autoumountMapName=auto.master,cn=autoumountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com
dn: autoumountMapName=auto.home,cn=autoumountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com

and add :

"+auto.home" in the "/etc/auto_home" file of the OS-X boxes ?

-> My first intention was to setup something like :

database  relay
suffix "automountMapName=auto_home,cn=automountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com"
relay "automountMapName=auto.home,cn=automountMap,dc=subnet,dc=example,dc=com" massage

Rafael Navaza.

2011/10/28 Khosrow Ebrahimpour <khosrow.ebrahimpour@ec.gc.ca>

On Friday, October 28, 2011 10:13:53 am Frava wrote:
> The entries contained in "automountMapName=auto_home" and
> "automountMapName=auto.home" will be exactly the same ones; SO
> what is the best way to implement it without duplicate them ? Using aliases
> or rwm+relay ?

As long as the autofs schema required by OS X and Linux is the same you should
be able to point to the auto.home for both auto.master and auto_master.

The auto.master may not be so easy to unify, as in my own experience different
platforms look for specific entries to begin their automount look ups.