Hi All

I'm on Ubuntu 8.10, and using openldap 2.4.11.
I successfully installed openldap on my server.

I was a little bit surprised because i didn't found slapd.conf on /etc/ldap/ like in older releases, but I found a tuto explaining how to use slapd.d.

On this howto, they sepcified it is possible to convert slapd.conf to slapd.d using slaptest.
Because I don't have slapd.conf, I cannot convert anything.

So, How can I do???

Secondly, on the tutorial, I used slaptest to create a ldif for a schema.
I successfully added the ldif schema to openldap using ldapadd, and schema is working.
It was mozillaorgperson, and I'm now able to create, read and modify users.

My problem is that I need to use a new schema "rfc2703bis.schema" because my openldap server is for egroupware, and there is a problem with PosixGroup...... So I need to add it.
This schema should replace nis schema.

BUT, I cannot delete NIS schema, because used by open ldap.
And cannot add rfc2703bis because I have errors "already exists"  <--- it is logical because entries are on NIS which is active on openldap at this time.
So I tried a lot of things, like using slaptest to create de ldif, copying it widely to slapd.d and removing by hand the NIS schema.... Not working, the result is that now, the openldap server cannot start....

Is there a clean way to do that???
Is it possible for me to create a slapd.conf, put inside all my configuration, do the slaptest, have a clean slapd.d and run openldap???? in a simple way.
What to put inside...???

Thanks a lot for you help
Best Regards