Hello Dieter,

At the outset, thank you so much for all encouraging words, the constructive feedback and sorry for the delay in responding to your note.

I think I should mention a disclaimer here that I am no expert on OpenLDAP. So whatever videos that I managed to make on OpenLDAP were all based on the information available from various sources on the Internet. Frankly, more than OpenLDAP official documentation, I derived benefits from third party knowledge base. So I understand fully when you say that the videos are not devoid of any flaws.

This is where I need help from the community. I'd like to make substantial contribution to the community, and that cannot happen without guidance from the experts in this forum. For the current videos, if you happen to come across any blunders that I'd have said, I could quickly fix it using annotations or other similar features in YouTube. If you think there are videos in there that can misguide the audience, I'd like to remove it and do a remake of it.

For future lessons that I'm planning such as backup , replication etc., I'd be grateful if I can get some documentation references that I could use to build the videos around. 

For now, I'm using amateur techniques to record and publish the videos, but if you think this exercise is useful for community at large and that this video channel could eventually be used a semi-official OpenLDAP knowledge base, I have the bandwidth to invest in more professional looking video output.

I'd be excited to have anyone interested in the forum getting involved in this exercise whichever way possible. At the end of the day, the efforts are aimed towards helping people learn OpenLDAP in depth, gain confidence and therefore increase adaptation. 

A platform such as LDAPconf would be a good one to take this initiative to the next level, so I'd consider myself lucky if I get a chance to attend the same.

Once again, thanks to each one in the forum for your kindness and encouragement. Looking forward to produce some useful content around OpenLDAP for the community.

kind regards,

--R Rajesh

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Subject: Re: OpenLDAP Tutorial on YouTube Channel

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schrieb Rajesh R <rajesh.r@fedji.com>:

> Hello,
> At the outset, thank you to each member of the OpenLDAP project for
> all the hard work in developing a great LDAP Server.
> I'm Rajesh Rajasekharan, and have spent a great deal of my time in
> various Organizations teaching several Products, including their LDAP
> Servers. While searching for good OpenLDAP resources, I couldn't
> really find a systematic tutorial for the same, so thought of making
> one myself. As a result, I have a playlist of 19 vidoes on OpenLDAP
> on my YouTube channel. If/when you've some time to spare, request you
> to please take a look at it and kindly advise if I could contribute
> in any other ways to this great Project.
> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfO6SFqcY2PrDR5yct96n4qfgMmh6g0eP

I appreciate your efforts, as that is what the LDAP and OpenLDAP
community needed. But if you produce documentation for public use,
please take the RFC's and Manual Pages into consideration.
I myself have produced some documentation on LDAP and OpenLDAP, so I
know the pitfall.
You may consider to initiate some final editorial group, in order to
produce documentation that is compliant to X.500 and RFC 4510.
As an example: a ldap filter has to be included in brackets, but your
demo neglects brackets.
If this youtube channel can become a semi offical LDAP channel I would
be glad to be included.
If this years LDAPCon is going to happen, I would like you to invite
you,in order to discuss procedures.


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