I've a program which links to both libldap & libldap_r dynamically. I've been running this program with openldap 2.4.23 without any problem. But when I upgraded to openldap 2.4.30, the program crashes with segfault. The crash occurs at the end when the program is closing connections. I googled and found that libldap & libldap_r should not be used in same process space bcos they one is non-threadsafe and other is threadsafe and they have same symbols. It is difficult for me to solve the problem by changing my compile configuration bcos my program loads 2 third party libraries which load these different versions of ldaplibraries.

One solution for me is to make a soft link from libldap to libldap_r, i.e make everyone use the threadsafe library. Would it be create any problems ?

Also, can anyone tell why I did not face the problem in 2.4.23 - I mean is there any compile time setting in openldap for this - which I've missed in 2.4.30 ?

Thanks and Regards,
Amol Kulkarni.