Hi all!
I have a TDS (Tivoli Directory Server) in one of my servers, every time i need to query it i need to go to another server and do it, i'd like to be able to query from my machine, but i can't using openldap, do you guys have a hint/idea/clue??

i use this from another server

idsldapsearch -h ldapserver.homeluna.org -Z -K /opt/PolicyDirector/ssl/homeluna.kdb -P passw0rd -b "" -s base objectclass=*

btw, My servers only accepts SSL conections.

btw, i put the following values inside /etc/openldap/ldap.conf without succeed.

# LDAP Defaults
BASE l=world
URI ldap://ldapserver.homeluna.org ldap://ldapserver.homeluna.org:636
PORT 636

TLS_CACERT /home/alexrl/Desktop/ldapserver.homeluna.org.cer

alexrl@localhost ~ $ ldapsearch -v -H ldaps://ldapserver.homeluna.org -Dcn=root -w passw0rd -bl=world uid=alex*
ldap_initialize( ldaps://ldapserver.homeluna.org:636/??base )
ldap_sasl_bind(SIMPLE): Can't contact LDAP server (-1)
Alejandro Rodriguez Luna
E-mail: el_alexluna@yahoo.com.mx