You're right, but already that database is populated by various scripts.
I don't want to add sync scripts yet.
Since I see memberOf in LDAP view, I thought the search was working too. :(

Nobody was able to use group research?
I miss only this last step and then everything should be ok.


2018-08-07 6:26 GMT+02:00 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:
On 8/2/18 8:02 PM, Arianna Milazzo wrote:
I have many applications using a db to manage access and profiles.
Now I have to use even other application supporting ldap.
So I’m hoping to use same db, so I can manage only a datasource for all Applications (same users!!!)

You can simply keep the SQL DB and OpenLDAP DB in sync with a custom script. It's probably less work implementing it than dealing with all the issues you will have using back-sql with various overlays (e.g. slapo-memberof).

Ciao, Michael.