Il 26/02/2014 22:14, Michael Ströder ha scritto:
If I understand the original posting correctly in this particular case
slapo-memberof uses the DN value of the modify request instead of the DN value
of the real entry in the database as attribute value for 'memberOf'.

Indeed this raises an interesting question regarding *which* case to preserve
when storing the 'memberOf' attribute value. It's not necessarily right to
take it from the modify request because values in 'memberOf' and the real DN
can differ.

Ciao, Michael.

Hi Michael,
    that's what I meant.
In my case, indeed, I need to read a consistent case memberOf value, so I should ensure that all the writers uses the correct DN case during the group MODs or that the reader can modify the read value case.

Ciao, Matteo
Cordiali Saluti,
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