I am using LDAP for authenticating users. I have some Fedora 8 servers which are setup as ldap clients. When I create users in LDAP it shows up on all clients. I can do an 'ldapsearch' or 'getent passwd' and all the clients shows up the ldap users. But on one of the client, I am unable to login (through ssh) using the ldap userids. When I login as root and try to switch user I get a message 'user does not exist' (getent passwd and ldapsearch shows the user). On all other clients it works fine. I compared the config files in /etc/pam.d/ and /etc/nsswitch.conf but I don't see any difference.

What else can I check, which other config files do I need to look at? I had followed the same steps while configuring all ldap clients.

Please help