2013/5/3 Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com>
--On Friday, May 03, 2013 6:24 PM +0200 Erwann Abalea <eabalea@gmail.com> wrote:

Can't you use the postalAddress attribute?
With your examples, it should be something like:
postalAddress: 123 1st av$Montreal$QC$GGG RT3$CA

postalAddress: 321 42nd st$Montreal$QC$GGG RT1$CA

This is almost the correct way to format it... it should be:

postalAddress: 123 1st av $ Montreal $ QC $ GGG RT3 $ CA

If I correctly read RFC2252, the space character around the "$" isn't required:

postal-address = dstring *( "$" dstring )
dstring         = 1*utf8

And the provided examples don't include such spaces.

I would also note that there is no guaranteed return order for values unless you use weighted attributes.

Is the weighted attribute standardized LDAP, or specific to OpenLDAP? I can't find supportive definition in RFC45* documents.
 Generally the best thing to do if you are going to have multiple addresses (say home, work, business, mailing, etc) is to have custom attributes specifically for those addresses

Or maybe a subordinate leaf for each address (with address elements splitted in several attributes), to be able to use search filters.