I unplugged network cable of provider,added new users but it never synchronizes.
with the consumer.Consumer never sends the keepalive signals

I am using 2.4.39 version of Openldap on windows machine

this is my consumer setting

olcSyncrepl: {0}rid=002 provider=ldap://ipaddress:389 bindmethod=sasl timeou
 t=0 network-timeout=0 saslmech=external keepalive=1:1:10 starttls=critical tl
 s_cert="CN=Consumer3, O=CRAP" tls_cacert="CN=TestCA, O=CRAP" tls_reqcert=demand
  tls_cipher_suite=HIGH:MEDIUM:-SSLv2 filter="(objectclass=*)" searchbase="dc=
 crap,dc=com"  scope=sub attrs="*,+" schemachecking=off type=refreshAndPersis
 t retry="60 +"

if I make fresh setup of consumer & provider,it works & everything gets replicated properly.

In the earlier version of openldap it was based on system setting like I used to get keepalive every 2 hours.
What is the minimum value to be set for keepalive parameter in syncrepl?
Can you please tell me do I need to make any changes on consumer side or provider ?