Quanah, I am already having this setup, but business wants to horizontal scale the setup. 

As far as I understood, horizontal scaling is for reads replicas only, as writes would go to single node with sticky session. 

Your earlier solution was perfect for my use case,  its just that I am confused at how to  bifurcate read and write connections. Shall I use two separate connection string from single application for read and write traffic to same set of servers with different pools. 


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> OK, but if I put a single connection string, how below setup suggested by
> quanah will work.
> I have a single application which read as well as write to ldap.

If you have only a single application using LDAP, just set up two nodes
with sticky failover and a single pool, since nothing else is using LDAP.
As has been said repeatedly, in general, an application that does writes
should use the same connection for reads.



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