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I'm sorry I should've been more definitive.
At one time ldapsearch provided an option to wrap long lines. By default, it breaks any line after the 76th character.
I was looking for an option that provides that functionality

Did you read the man page?  It is still possible to do


Auteria Winzer Jr.

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> Is the "-T" option for ldapsearch available in 2.4.39, or has it been
> permanently removed?

Not sure what you mean by "hidden".  It is clearly documented in the man

      ldapsearch  [-V[V]]  [-d debuglevel]  [-n]  [-v]  [-c]  [-u]
[-t[t]]  [-T path]  [-F prefix] [-A] [-L[L[L]]] [-S attribute] [-b
searchbase] [-s {base|one|sub|children}] [-a {never|always|search|find}]
      [-l timelimit] [-z sizelimit] [-f file] [-M[M]] [-x] [-D binddn]
[-W] [-w passwd] [-y passwdfile]  [-H ldapuri]  [-h ldaphost]  [-p
ldapport]  [-P {2|3}]  [-e [!]ext[=extparam]]  [-E [!]ext[=extparam]]
      [-o opt[=optparam]] [-O security-properties] [-I] [-Q] [-N] [-U
authcid] [-R realm] [-X authzid] [-Y mech] [-Z[Z]] filter [attrs...]

      -T path
              Write temporary files to directory specified by path
(default: /var/tmp/)


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