Yes, but I believe this is not the same case. We are replicating differents datbases instead of subtree into a single database.
In case you have two providers, whole refresh is not working. What can I do more to file a report?



2011/3/24 Quanah Gibson-Mount <>
--On Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:44 AM +0100 LALOT Dominique <> wrote:


To resume my  tests:

provider and consumer in 2.4.24 -> same behaviour
Get rid of session log -> same behaviour

If I removed one of the providers of my consumer, everything went fine.
Even, if I stop the consumer during mass deletes, it sync very fast as
soon as it starts again
That's related to several providers for one consumer and may be something
else I don't see.
The second provider (first rid in my conf) has less that 15 entries and
no updates at all.

I changed the order of the providers in my slapd.conf. There is no

Have you looked at the report in ITS#6872?



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