Depending on how you are storing data, you may be able to use back-perl and create a dedicated backend for your blobs.
This may be a little more complicated if the object that contains your blob cannot be relocated to another backend.

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 9:57 AM Derek Zhou <> wrote:

Is is possible to store large blob outside the main database, and only keep
file names in the LDAP database? The blobs I want to stored are not as often
used as other attributes and not indexed, so it seems to me that bloating up
the main database is not economical in terms of fast disk space and overall
database efficiency. Then I suppose I need a middle ware or something to combine
the data from file system and data from LDAP server. Has anyone try that
before? Or I should just store the blobs inside, and live with the bloated

Thanks a lot