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>>> Actually, the replication is in refreshAndPersist mode.
>> Replication mode is immaterial.

> Thanks a lot for your detailed and comprehensive answers.

Heh, I can't tell in this case if your serious or sarcastic, but I'll note
this:  it's entirely possible (and legal, and there are valid reasons for
it) to have an accesslog for a database where the environment is not
replicated at all.  So replication mode, etc, is utterly immaterial to
whether or not an accesslog may exist, what its purge interval is, etc.  If
that helps. :)

Oh dear, I was totally serious, meaning to thank you for your three answers in one go. I might have been too formal, to the point of making you doubt - sorry, English is not my mother tongue and I live in France...

Now that you mention it,  I did read somewhere in the web-wide documentation that the delta-syncrepl is only one of the possible uses for the accesslog DB. 

And thanks again (seriously ;))