Hi All
We are using OpenLDAP 2.4.38 windows version as user store for our application. I need to configure encryption storage mechanish as SHA256 in openLDAP. 
I tried with changing 
#password-hash   {CLEARTEXT}
password-hash   {SHA256}

But it is not working. I mean after making this change password got saved in OpenLDAP as SHA256 but after that when I am authenticating using pwd through JNDI it cannot match with the stored one and it says incorrect credentials. 
FYI - I am just taking the plain text pwd as user is providing in login page and passing to openLDAP. My understanding is OpenLDAP will take the plaintext pwd and encrypt it to SHA256 and compare with its store. Please let me know if my understanding is wrong or anything extra I have to do here.

I got one link for doing this in linux version but didn't get anything for windows version.


Can anyone please help me on this?