As I indicated in my previous response. Domain Users is normally a primary group for users. Primary group membership is not stored in the group itself, it is stored on the user objects. 


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Unfortunately even this does not work with the "Domain Users" group. I
was able to get the members of any custom groups that the
administrator has created but a query on the default "Domain Users"
group returns just null.

> I personally use the LSC project to replicate AD with OpenLDAP and have published a relevant snippet of JavaScript that does this for large user groups.
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> 2014-04-11 19:11 GMT+05:30 Jon C Kidder <>:
>> When retrieving large group memberships from AD you must use Microsoft's implementation of ranging.
> How do I get the members list via openldap with ranging ? I tried googling this but could not get much information about ranging or getting the "Domain Users" group members ?
> Can you point me to some relevant link ?
> Thanks.
> Sankar