It takes about 10 minutes to synchronise about 300,000 entries across the WAN, but the WAN isn’t that slow here, I can transfer an LDIF file much faster than that over NFS.


Before LDAPCon last week, I had been working on a solution to this problem, where I would get the master server to dump its contents once a day to NFS, and then replicas could build initially from that.  It was taking quite a bit of work, and it was slightly annoying that I needed to jump through these hoops.


Last week I was speaking with someone at LDAPCon who told me he had come across the same problem, and it turned out to be something to do with the maximum number of entries that can be transferred in one go? - although I may have misheard this, so please forgive me if details are not entirely accurate.  But apparently this is tunable, and if I increase it, my 300,000 entries will replicate much much faster.


Any ideas?  Sorry I’m a bit sketchy on details.



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