To the ldap forum:

I have loaded suse 12.1 m5.
I have setup an openldap server, which was the main mission of this machine, and it works.
It has ssl /tls, certificates are loaded, that works.
I used ldap client to setup the ldap browser and that works also.
This is the new 2.4.26 server, which has some rather major changes in how ldap is setup. After about 2 weeks I have that under control.

My little domain is setup on [dc=dark,dc=net].

I used ldapadd to put in the administrator, and I have used ldapsearch to list the subschema. I took the default schema. The list of the subschema includes everything I would like to use.

Now I want to go about the real business of defining users.

I have reviewed a number of pages to ensure I am doing what appears to be the correct procedure, for instance :

Which lists:

File: fratbrother.ldif

dn: cn=fratbrother,o=delta
cn: fratbrother
sn: fratbrother
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
userPassword: fratsecret

ldapadd -f fratbrother.ldif -cxv -D "cn=DeanWormer,o=delta" -w secret2

And other similar updates.

But on my machine I create something simple like:

File : dark.ldif

dn: cn=jctobin,dc=dark,dc=net
cn: jctobin
userPassword: Hello1$

Ldapadd -x -D “cn=admin,dc=dark,dc=net” -W -f dark.ldif
Enter LDAP Password:
Adding new entry “cn=jctobin,dc=dark,dc=net”
Ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
       Additional info: no objectClass attribute

Obviously my ldap server does not like the “userPassword”  class.
I have not been able to use any of the other classes I would like to either [ou: (organizational Unit), uid (unix term for a number corresponding to the user id), etc.]

What have I not setup correctly?

I need to get these users up and running.
What can you do for me?