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Rakesh Yadav wrote:

**[root@tapti LDIF]# ldapdelete -x -h "tapti" -D
\"fn=test1,fn=test_ref,fn=bioinfo,fn=gstorage,fn=gfs,dc=cdac,dc=in" -w
ldap_delete: Referral (10)
      matched DN: fn=test_ref,fn=bioinfo,fn=gstorage,fn=gfs,dc=cdac,dc=in

This is the expected behavior: ldapdelete provides no means to
automatically chase referrals.

actually i m using ldap_delete_ext_s() for deleting an entry.
*Can this ldap api be used for deleting referral entries?*

You mean: delete the referred object (chase the referral) or delete the referral object (the reference to the real object)?

If you mean delete the referral object, the answer is: yes, but you need to use the manageDSAit control (RFC3296).

If you mean delete the referred object by automatically chasing the referral, the answer is: yes, but you need to register a means to rebind to the referred host, implementing your own rebind procedure and registering it using ldap_set_rebind_proc(3) as appropriate.

Can u sent me any example of second case means how we can register referred host and our own rebind procedure?

One more thing
*Can this ldap api ldap_modify_ext_s() be used for updating referral entries

Same as above.


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