yes I was asking for the log levels of the command-line tools like ldapsearch.  Thanks for your answers.

This doc helps ( https://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/runningslapd.html ) but is not completely right, as levels 4 and 8 don't do anything special.

I will rely on the this doc for my tests, thanks again.


Le lun. 22 juil. 2019 à 16:14, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@symas.com> a écrit :
--On Monday, July 22, 2019 10:56 AM -0400 Brian Reichert
<reichert@numachi.com> wrote:

> I think that the OpenLDAP server and client share debug flags.  I may be
> wrong on this.
>   https://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/runningslapd.html

This is correct.  It's trivial to grep the source and confirm this as well.



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