I have been tasked with virtualizing our existing, aging, LDAP and CommuniGate Pro instances. Doing so will require moving from RHEL 5.X to CentOS 7.X, which means that the existing LDAP implementation has changed. Upon attempting to perform a “slaptest -f test.conf -F testing” where test.conf contains only an include statement that points to /etc/openldap/schema/cgp.schema, and testing is an empty directory, I receive the following error message:


59033edc /etc/openldap/schema/cgp.schema: line 640 objectClass: ObjectClass not found: "organization"

slaptest: bad configuration directory!


I am able to verify that the various base includes in my LDAP server do include an objectClass “organization” and can verify same in phpLDAPadmin, and in other methods. I am new to the concepts presented here, and since we are using LDAP in what appears to me to be a non-standard use case, I am at a loss. I present the relevant “line 640” below, from the schema I am attempting to import:


objectClass ( 2.5.1000.0

        NAME  'CommuniGateDomain'

        SUP 'organization'


        MAY ( cn $

                dc ) )


Can someone perhaps tell me where I am going wrong, or how to more effectively troubleshoot this import?