Follow-up on how I solved this issue:

Dumped an ldif copy of the offending server and reloaded that server with slapadd.  This corrected the autogroups on that server.  

We are doing a lot of programmatic additions, updates, and deletions to OpenLDAP, which could have caused the initial issue.

hth someone.


We are running 2 servers in multimaster mode ; openldap-2.4.35 on CentOS 6.6 using the autogroup overlay.

I have a search filter (APersonCategory=*ADJ*) that returns different numbers of records when queried against each server.  The actual records exist on both servers. 1 server is not returning all expected records.  The other server returns records as expected. There is no index defined for this attribute in slapd.conf on either server.

schema definition of attribute is same on each server:

attributetype ( 
    NAME 'APersonCategory' 
    EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
    SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
    SYNTAX )

Would someone suggest what to look at to troubleshoot this?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

-Gare Calhoun

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Gare Calhoun
Antioch University IT Services, Software Developer