Ummm... I suspect your machine's firewall (likely built in one from Windows) might be blocking it.

- chris

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Sent: Fri May 07 00:30:26 2010
Subject: LDAP_SERVER_DOWN in win32?

I try to use openldap in windows xp. there is some implentations of openldap-win32-2.4.x. I have used every one of them, and openldap for linux in debian.

the same problem is i can't connect them except the server is in localhost if my client run at win32, even i try to build my client in openldap, novel cldap and winldap.

init is ok, bind is ok( i'm sure bind result should be >0 ,not LDAP_SUCCESS), but it report  LDAP_SERVER_DOWN when i try to do some operations like search, add ...

and the problem do not exist if I run my client(build with openldap or novell cldap) in  linux(debian testing ), all server is ok.

I try PHPLDAPAdmin and config it use openldap running at some window host, the problem is the same , LDAP_SERVER_DOWN.

thanks for help

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