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John, I agree with Dieter, in fact I haven't finished reading this full thread yet, but my instinct was to suggest inetOrgPerson as the appropriate schema as well.

Also, Terje, that is a great website I agree, but here's another one I discovered that was also very useful:


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On 19.12.2013 22:39, Borresen, John - 0442 - MITLL wrote:
> I would like to add and objectClass(es) so that I can add,
> emailAddress, employee number.  Can someone refresh my memory on what
> I need (objectClasses)?
The objectClass inetOrgPerson that you can find in the file
inetorgperson.schema has employeeNumber and mail and several other
useful attributes. That is what we use.

I have found this useful:

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Low Sensitivity/Aerospace Internal Use Only