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Hi all,

I have to re-write a shcema but i'm beginner with this.
I would like to add some attributes to describe service.

We use a AUXILIARY class to add some attributes :

objectclass ( NAME 'intService'
MAY (...))

We have  an object using this objectclass and other :
dn: idService=196018, dmdName=Services, dc=fr
objectClass: intService
objectClass: organizationalUnit

Now i would like to transform this object in static group so I use GroupOfnames and I got this error :

Object class violation (65)
additional info: invalid structural object class chain (organizationalUnit/groupOfNames)

Why can't I use groupOfNames with organizationalUnit ? Or is it another problem ?

This is a schema restriction, you can't mix structural object classes inside an entry (unless they belong to the same chain, like person/organizationalPerson/inetOrgPerson).

So you can't have groupOfNames and organizationalUnit. Choose one of them.

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