Understood quanah,  but I have a single app which performs both read and write. App is using single connection string for binding with ldap. So shall I use two separate connection string, one for read and one for write in the application code ?

Also, as per the configuration setup suggested by you, how the replication need to be setup, I mean mirror mode across write pool members and another mirroring for read pool members from one of write pool member.


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> A load-balancer that is not doing round-robin (but some other policy,
> like response time or throughput) probably would be OK
> OK agreed with you, but above loadbalancer config doesn't solve problem
> of horizontal scaling and load balancing. 
> In other words, is it possible to achieve a horizontally scalable, highly
> available and load balanced setup. 

You set up two pools in the load balancer

Pool 1 -> For apps that only do reads, and handles load distribution in
whatever method you feel best.  Example DNS: ldap.example.com

Pool 2 -> For apps that write directly.  Sticky session to a single
provider unless it goes offline. Example DNS: ldap-provider.example.com



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