We recently upgraded our Openldap installation to a current version. Our installation consists of 2 servers with several databases, of which a few are replicated in mirror mode. Together with the upgrade process we reconfigured which data gets replicated and which not and modified the databases accordingly.
Now, when we synchronize data between the nodes the intial replication works just fine. But replication of changes afterwards fails and we get these error messages:
Jun  3 16:36:09 wam01 slapd[19027]: [ID 795510 local4.debug] do_syncrep2: rid=025 LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE - SYNC_ID_SET
Jun  3 16:36:09 wam01 last message repeated 29 times
Jun  3 16:36:09 wam01 slapd[19027]: [ID 365351 local4.debug] do_syncrep2: rid=025 LDAP_RES_SEARCH_RESULT
Jun  3 16:36:09 wam01 slapd[19027]: [ID 385048 local4.debug] do_syncrep2: rid=025 cookie=rid=025,csn=20160603143607.847747Z#000000#000#000000
Jun  3 16:36:10 wam01 slapd[19027]: [ID 338579 local4.debug] nonpresent_callback: rid=025 present UUID 6c782570-d2b6-1033-84c4-3d93063e27ca, dn ou=Directories,o=lpfroot

Any idea what may have gone wrong here?

The suffix o=lpfroot is in a non-replicated database, the glued sub-suffix ou=Directories,o=lpfroot is in a replicated database. The databases are still bdb as before.

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