I am trying to build an OpenLDAP cluster in N-Way Multi-Master mode. I have three servers, all of them on the same network. The first provider has a configuration backend, and I want to replicate it over all nodes of my cluster. Configuration is OK, I am able to start the first provider and to play with it.

I would like to run a second server, so that it replicates all of its configuration from the first provider. I do not follow exactly what it written in the online documentation, but my configuration is very similar. I create a "bootstrap" file (LDIF) with minimal information for my second node, and I slapadd it on the second node. So, I have a configuration directory, with only few files:


Now, I faced on a problem. I would like to start this node. It started well, but I have a lot of errors of duplicate values in OLC schema (olcObjectIdentifier, olcAttributeTypes, olcObjectClasses, olcLdapSyntaxes, etc...). See the attachment. Because of these errors, my configuration is not replicate (only the cn=schema.ldif), and my node is not operational.

So, I would like to know why these errors occured ? Maybe I'm tired, but I can not find why.

Any idea ?

Best regards,

PS: in attachment, log and config from the second node.

Thomas Chemineau