in the mailing list's archive is a lot of stuff about OpenLDAP as proxy for another LDAP-Server using the ldap/meta backend, but I didn't find an answere of my question (it's possible that I don't see the wood for the trees).

I've the following problem:

Our OpenLDAP get's an request which contained a User-ID and Password from a LDAP-Client. Our OpenLDAP propagate the authentification (User-ID, Password) of the request to another LDAP-Server using the ldap/meta backend. If the authentification is o.k. our OpenLDAP contributes the reamining attributes (tel. number, surname etc.) and gives they back to the requester.

I need as a response of a request an interaction of two LDAP-Server. From the other LDAP-Server the authentification and if successfull from our LDAP-Server the attributes.

Is there a fair chance to get a solution using the ldap/meta backend.

Thanks in advance for your efforts