Hi all,

I'm trying to load ldap with several ldif files. The biggest one containing 500k records of approx 700 bytes in size each took slapadd a little over 14 hours to load. Would this be considered normal given the amount of records and size?

I am including my DB_CONFIG and slapd.conf files to see if anyone here can help me figure out if I made a mistake while setting them up.

The command I use for loading is:

slapadd -q -f slapd.conf -l myfile.ldif

One thing I did notice is that using bdb instead of hdb took the load time to 19 hours.

Anyone have any recommendations?



set_lg_max         209715200
set_lg_bsize       52428800
set_tmp_dir        /data/ldap/tmp
set_cachesize      0 209715200 2
set_lk_max_locks   4000
set_lk_max_lockers 4000
set_lk_max_objects 4000

allow bind_v2
include         /etc/ldap/schema/core.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/cosine.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/nis.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/my.schema
pidfile         /var/run/slapd/build-slapd.pid
argsfile        /var/run/slapd/build-slapd.args
modulepath            /usr/lib/ldap
moduleload            back_hdb
password-hash   {SSHA}
disallow        bind_anon
backend         hdb
database        hdb
suffix          "dc=mydomain,dc=com"
directory       "/var/lib/build-ldap"
lastmod         on