I'm just doing my best. Every documentation, every software have a bug(ok, maybe a little, little, little bug), in the world.

Just remember, software was made by humans, documentation was made by humans, and humans have some defects.

Can you make some logical links with this?

And finally... Perfect!!! You see a wrong  samba documentation! Why not report to samba docs team? If have defects in samba documentation, why not contribute?


On 9/26/07, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@zimbra.com> wrote:
--On Wednesday, September 26, 2007 12:27 AM -0300 Gabriel Stein
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> There´s no problem with my ego, is just a annouce:
> I´m promised to me to post constantly posts to Integration section of
> FAQ. Every week I wiil check the links consistency and make all necessary
> updates to the links.

Cool.  Will you be able to help fix documentation of these other sites?
For example, I was helping someone on #ldap the other day set up syncrepl,
and they were using the documentation at samba.org, which was completely
wrong.  :/



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