Hi Gavin and everyone,

The openvpn link is ok and both servers have visibility of each other. In fact, the vpn doesn't just link the 2 servers, both the whole networks.
About slurpd and syncrepl, now that you said i suppose that syncrepl is a improved way of replicate the server (i really don't know the difference =P). Can i do a 2-way replication with syncrepl (every change in each server will be replicated to the other one)?
I'll read about and give a try. Tks for the info.

Gavin Henry escreveu:
----- "Leonardo Carneiro" <lscarneiro@veltrac.com.br> wrote:

Hi everyone,

i'm no ldap expert at all. in fact i'm very noob.
a few months ago i'd configured 2 ldap servers. they were set in 2 
separated networks, and syncronized via a openvpn link. all was
ok when when about a month ago they stop syncing. the replogfile is

main server (piece of slapd.conf):
replogfile /var/lib/ldap/openldap-master-replog
replica host=
 bindmethod=simple credentials=[pass]

secondary server (piece of slapd.conf)
updatedn "cn=root,dc=dominio,dc=com,dc=br"
updateref ldap://

Here are some quick questions you need to answer:

1. Is the VPN still working?
2. If so, can I contact each directory server?
3. Why have I not migrated from slurpd to Syncrepl?

Once you verify all the standard system administration debugging steps to yourself,
please come back with specific questions about OpenLDAP, then we can help! ;-)




Leonardo de Souza Carneiro

Leonardo de Souza Carneiro
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Londrina- PR
Cep: 86015-010

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