Thanks Gavin for your answer. I appreciate this.

Yes, sounds like a good plan. The Admin Guide is a excelent start to the wiki. On next months, if a have a good howto´s to  the wiki, where I can install wiki and leave the howto´s? There´s a possibility to have private wiki with contributors at Something like

I´m in the end of howto about schema anatomy.

And finally, how I can help you Gavin with Admin Guide?


On 9/20/07, Gavin Henry <> wrote:
Gabriel Stein wrote:
> People...
> I have a idea about OpenLDAP documentation. There´s a good documentation
> at OpenLDAP website. Why not create more efforts to create a Howto
> series? I´m writing constantlty a howto week´s about basic OpenLDAP
> features, like some integrations and hints. We can create something like
> a wiki, using the OpenLDAP documentation and "translate" this things to
> Howto´s.
> Horward, we can help your efforts? Thanks for your good work.
> Cheers.

Hi Gabriel.

I've often thought about this, as Samba do similar at: as do other major OSS projects.

Here are the issues with your appreciated suggestions:

1. The OpenLDAP project do not support 3rd Party software
2. We have to find the time to mentor and verify the howto/wiki
3. We have to find the time to fight the wiki spam
4. We have to find the time to keep the howtos updated
5. Resources, lack of resources, need more resources.
6. etc.....

*My* first and foremost priority is to finish the Admin Guide, keep it
accurate and up to date.

I think, as we have done all along, we leave the 3rd party integration
to the 3rd party projects (like the wiki mentioned above). What we don't
want is a wiki where people come along and start posting How tos that we
don't have time to vet, which in turn starts to dilute the OpenLDAP
quality brand and take our time away with the little resources we have.

However, what is *vital* is that we provide a means to put the Admin
Guide sections into working configuration examples (which some sections
have/will have). This could mean real world deployment examples etc.

It's all very good having in depth guides, but sometimes it's better to
get something running and come back to the main docs. The vessel in
which we present these complete examples is irrelevant and can be
decided at any point.

So, coming back to your wonderful offer of help. If you would like to
look at the latest docs in our source repo and pick up a
section/subsection that appeals to you, we can move towards a complete
and detailed OpenLDAP 2.4 Admin Guide and then do the wiki/howto stuff.

Does that sound like a plan?



Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
OpenLDAP Engineering Team.


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